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For a beginner or the serious amateur, this is the perfect set of equipment!  Don't hesitate to write if you have any specific questions about the telescope.

Celestar 8

The Celestar 8 is engineered for unsurpassed optical performance in an affordable, full featured Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope of large enough aperture to do serious deep-sky observing. This telescope is carefully crafted and manufactured in the U.S.A. for dependable quality of the highest caliber. It offers the lowest price ever for a Celestron fork mounted 8" telescope.

The Celestar 8 has earned a well deserved reputation for reliability and consistently superior diffraction limited optics.

The DC powered electronics are the same as those supplied with Celestron's C5+ telescope, ensuring exquisitely accurate sidereal rate tracking. A hand controller is an available option for fast and slow override of R.A. tracking speed and operation of the optional DEC motor. The totally cordless electronics have a built-in drive corrector, which is activated when using the optional hand controller.

The Celestar 8 is powered by 9 volt alkaline batteries and runs for fifty hours of uninterrupted viewing. Versatility is added by the fact that the Celestar 8 can operate in both the Northern or Southern hemispheres from 0 to 90. Southern Hemisphere operation requires the optional hand controller. The highly regarded spur gear drive utilizes a rigid polar axle with pre-loaded tapered roller bearings in a sturdy and accurate drive system.

Celestron's unique Wedgpod is a combination wedge and tripod with a fixed height of 33". It's lightweight for portability without sacrificing stability.

The Celestar 8 can even be converted to a computerized telescope with optional accessories.

9x50 Finderscope #93783-8

A high quality, economical 9x50 finderscope with fully coated lenses and a 5.8 field of view. It comes with a mounting bracket for C8 type telescopes. Finderscope also sold separately


If you own a C8 telescope, its imperative that you protect your investment. The Celestron case is more than suitable for the task, which accommodates the C8 fork mounted telescope. Its constructed of space age resin, making it waterproof, unbreakable, airtight and extremely durable. The case is lined with die cut foam for custom fitting. It features large handles and is equipped with wheels, for easy transportation. Weight is 17 lbs. Made in the USA.