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The map is color coded to the dates listed.  The journey starts in the Dublin area and goes clockwise.  

09/03/98 USA
09/04/98 Dublin Area
09/05/98 Dublin Area
09/06/98 Dublin to Wexford
09/07/98 Wexford to Cashel
09/08/98 Cashel to Castlefreke
09/09/98 Castlefreke to Blarney
09/10/98 Blanrey to Limerick
09/11/98 Limerick to Galway
09/12/98 Aran Islands
09/13/98 Galway to Westport
09/14/98 Westport
09/15/98 Westport to Letterkenny
09/16/98 Letterkenny to Giant's Causway
09/17/98 Giant's Causway to Kilkeel
09/18/98 Kilkeel to Naul
09/19/98 Nail to USA

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