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Thanksgiving in Rome  

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Wednesday, November 29

I was up at 4 a.m., back at the airport at 5 a.m., with a 6 a.m. departure for Chicago. Of course I forgot to call and see if the plane was on time. My flight was delayed until an 8:30 departure. This would mean that I would miss my 10:30 flight to Madison so they rebooked me on a noon flight arriving into Madison at 12:50. 

I purchased breakfast from McDonalds, a USA Today to see if we had a president yet, and Michael Crichton's new book "Timeline". I quickly read through the USA Today and then spotted the current Discover Magazine that someone had left on a seat. So I grabbed it and it kept me occupied until about halfway to Chicago.

We boarded at 8:30 and as the flight wasn't very full I headed towards the back and grabbed two seats. Just as I got comfortable a family arrived and insisted I had their seats (which I did). Why they just didn't sit in one of the 30 empty seats around us I will never know. Anyway, I got up and moved to another seat.

After we landed in Chicago the flight attendant asked if the "passenger to Madison" would identify himself to the agent who would meet the plane. At the bottom of the stairs was a customer service agent who was to escort me directly across the tarmac to the Madison flight that was waiting for me. They even made sure that my checked baggage made it onto the same flight. I walked onto the second plane, grabbed a seat, and they immediately begin shutting the doors. It seems that they had waited on just me (even though I had been rebooked for a later flight). Once again, despite the delays, I am extremely pleased with the customer service of United Express - Air Wisconsin. I arrived in Madison and had the additional pleasure of seeing my luggage as the first two bags through the carousel. 

A friend of mine was waiting to drive me home. This had been a terrific trip. One day I would like to return to Italy to see the rest of the country.

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